Thursday, March 05, 2009

Let the music plays!

Just discovered Spotify! A new way of listening to music. I read an article in that said: "future is in the access. Not in the property". I thought they were talking about Internet, operators, WiFi, WiMax and all that stuff. But no! It's about a new way of accessing music. Read more on

These smart guys think that accessing music stored somewhere in the Internet is the next level. The legal one. The definite one. In my case, I simply forgot my old CDs (old???). Now my music is spread along three different MP3 players (from Apple, of course) and two computers. I though this was my last (r)evolutionary step with the music I like listening to. I originally accomplish a tremendous effort ripping most of my CD's into MP3, and then into AAC. And now... it seems that I should simply forget. Music is on the Internet, and I should only worry about having a decent downlink access... Yes... the future is in the access...

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